What does your Heart yearn to Sing?

to your Beloved…to your Family,

to your Community…to Yourself?

Take this moment to feel this yearning welling up inside you.
Love and Devotion? Profound Gratitude? Grief? Or Release?
"I will Love you forever?" "I am feeling healed?" "I did it!"
"Thank you for your support." "Thank you for this sweet baby"

With a HeartSong Ceremony, you can have a meaningful way to make your declarations and acknowledge your life changing moments with a personalized ceremony.

Our most important life changing moments stem from social and biological stages which include: becoming a parent, milestone birthdays, new social status like a promotion or retirement, starting a new career or business, surviving an illness or trauma, graduation, marriage or even moving to a new home. Ceremonies to mark these moments, known as rites of passage, include baby welcoming and naming, weddings and commitment ceremonies, housewarmings, funerals or memorials.

As your Celebrant, I will guide you in paying homage to those moments as the rites of passage that give meaning to our lives…to mark your life achievements, all the wonderful times and the meaningful relationships of your life, as well as to the most difficult passages you have endured.

In the spirit of Love and Service, I look forward to collaborating with you to create your HeartSong Ceremony.

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